5 Reasons to Automate your Factory


Technology is continuing to evolve at an alarming rate, with devices getting smaller and more powerful and as far as the manufacturing industry goes, automation offers a lot to the factory owner. You may have a great team that works well together, but there are many reasons to switch to automation, which we outline below.

  1. Eliminate/reduce human error – When you automate your production line, you are reducing the risk of human error; it is very difficult to completely eliminate human error, but you can start with some automation. You can manage the line from your HMI screen and as computers don’t make mistakes, you will save money and production targets are reached.
  2. Streamline the manufacturing process – Introducing automation streamlines your manufacturing process, which should see a rise in production. Talk to a company that specialises in factory automation and let the experts show you how you can boost productivity with automation solutions.
  3. Reduce costs – While there are service and maintenance costs, when you factor in the money you save on hiring employees, going automated will lead to a saving in total costs. Every business is looking for ways to reduce running costs and while there is a significant initial investment, after a couple of years, you have recouped your investment.
  4. Boost productivity – Automating some of your manufacturing process would definitely mean an increase in productivity; yes, it is a considerable investment, but it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Talk to a manufacturing automation company and see what they can do for you.
  5. Touch screen operation – We have reached the level where touch-screen solutions are used to manage an automated system; search online for a leading Thai supplier of the best Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens that incorporate touch-screen technology and take a look at their top quality products. Hi-res LCD screens make system operation easy and touch-screen is very user-friendly. Top-rated editing software allows you to make any changes you need to in real time.

Automation solutions have to be tailored to suit the environment and if you contact the right provider, you can make some positive changes to your manufacturing processes. Of course, the provider would need to carry out a needs assessment to determine how they can best assist you, then their talented team can create a system proposal for you to consider. Automation is the future of manufacturing and the best time to start making changes is right now.


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