BBQs 2U – The Blackstone 28″ Creates a Sizzling Platform for Culinary Adventures


BBQs 2U has been a supplier of branded barbeques since 2002. The family business has a showroom in Abersoch, UK and is also active on social channels.

For some reason, the Blackstone 28 “in griddle has become an extreme favourite among BBQs 2U customers.

  • Expansive 470 square inch cooking surface
  • Powerful dual burners
  • Versatile design

All these aspects make it a master cooking tool that can allow you to prepare everything from breakfast scrambles to hibachi feasts.

But how does it truly perform in the heat of the action? Let’s delve into the cooking potential of this giant griddle.

Heat Distribution & Control

One of the critical aspects of any griddle is its ability to deliver consistent heat. The Blackstone 28″ brags about the two independently controlled, heavy-duty H-burners that trigger a combined 34,000 BTUs.

This converts to rapid preheating and the ability to create distinct temperature zones for searing steaks at the back while simmering veggies in the front. You need to apply proper preheating and seasoning techniques to ensure there are no hot spots.

Searing & Grilling

The griddle is designed from thick, cold-rolled steel construction, which retains heat exceptionally well. You can easily achieve the coveted restaurant-quality sear.

Steaks, burgers, and even delicate fish get crusty exteriors with juicy, flavorful interiors. The flat surface allows for beautiful grill marks, adding visual appeal to your dishes.


While the Blackstone stands out at grilling, its versatility is truly impressive.

  • Pancakes and eggs sizzle evenly on its smooth surface, while bacon crisps perfectly.
  • The ample space allows you to cook stir-fries, fajitas, and even pizzas with ease.
  • You can even get creative with desserts and make grilled pineapple or s’mores.

Seasoning & Maintenance

Like all cast-iron cookware, the Blackstone 28″ requires proper seasoning to reveal its full potential. This initial process creates a non-stick layer that improves with each use.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are also crucial. While the griddle features a convenient grease management system, thorough cleaning after each use is essential to prevent rust and ensure optimal performance.

Portability & Accessories

The Blackstone 28″ griddle doesn’t mean it cannot be moved. It has a cart with a wheel, so it is ideal for your outdoor activities like camping, tailgating, or backyard cookouts.

Various accessories, from griddle tools and spatulas to griddle covers and utensil holders, enhance the cooking experience and cater to your specific culinary endeavours.

User Reviews & Overall Impression

BBQs 2U consistently receive positive reviews regarding Blackstone griddles they bought from this authorised dealer. Customers praise its versatility, heat control, and ease of use.


The Blackstone Original 28″ griddle is a powerful and versatile tool for your outdoor cooking adventures. Its impressive heat distribution, ample cooking space, and ability to handle diverse culinary tasks make it a compelling choice.

While it requires proper seasoning and maintenance, the rewards are worth the effort. It will transform your backyard into a sizzling platform for culinary adventures with family and friends!


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